Thursday, November 4, 2010

the mourning after

The election is over and more ass-clowns have been elected. Only now we call them Republicrats. Instead of Democicans. Same types. None of them have our interest at heart unless they want the interest our sweat earns. Since the majority of them have never sweated or perspired.
Here in CO we now have guv elect beer brewer and skooter shop owner. A green Capitalist guvnr who created lots of jobs. $2 an hour plus tips gigs. Or the leader of the sanctuary city.. haha Well i guess its almost as good as Guv Moonbeam in CA..
Anyhow the Depression is spreading as more people are now unemployed ot underemployed. College aid will go up. MPore kids will sell their souls to the guvt servitude to pay for it. Yet the degree aint worth the paper its printed on. Alas

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