Saturday, October 30, 2010

50 ways to save money this holiday season

1. Stop buying books,magazines and moviees and start using the torrents instead!
2. Don't buy cleaning products and instead invest in vinegar,baking soda ammonia and bleach
3. Only wash clothes that are dirty. Wearing them once doesnt make em dirty.
4. Hang your clothes to dry
5. Shower twice a week
6. Keep kids at home with wife. No need for childcare
7. Eat vegetarian meals 3 nights a week - eating less meat is certainly greener!
8. Dont spend money if you dont have. Enjoy the dumpies and scavening.
9. Use candles
10. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
11. Turn off all lights when you go to bed.
12. Put a sweater and socks on so you can keep the heat lower.
13. Turn down the water temperature.
14. Scavenge your snacks
15. Practice freezer cooking once a month so you have frugal meals handy!
16. Don't use things that are disposable like water bottles
17. Stop buying paper towels. old tshirts work real well
18. Plan a monthly menu
19. Have icecream and cookies for dinner once a week
20. Only shop once a month maximum
21. Try to buy direct from local farms and co-ops. Or scaveng your food from dumpies and backdoor shopiing
22. Ditch the cell phone
23. Schedule a long walk each day (great frugal family activity)
24. Pick your own - in some areas apples are still available!
25. Use what is available free.
26. Wash your clothes once a month
27. Establish a change jar. KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE KIDS
28. Set every day as no driving days - if you need your car for work, then your employer should be paying for it.
29. Set yourself the goal that if you could walk somewhere within 30 minutes you shouldn't take your car.
30. Write down everything you eat.
31. Write down everything you buy
32. Cancel the newspaper subscription. Thats what the internet is for
33. Don't eat out. Unless someone else is paying for it
34. Nominate 3 nights a week to be soup kitchen night
35. Commit to cutting your grocery bill by at least 10% [I cut mine by 50%]
36. Stop buying soda, juice and alcohol except on weekends. If it last during the week its a treat.
37. Instead of snacking have a cigarette.
38. Have a torrented movie night at home.
39. Torrent movies from the internet - they are free.
40. See if you can get what you need for free by making use of local adds and enquiring if friends or family are looking to get rid of what you need.
41. Join a book reading .group - usually a free way to have a night out.
42. Turn off all electrical equipment
43. Get back to nature [photographing squirrels is free, green & fun!]
44. Make your own shampoo. Who the hell needs expensive stuff
45. If you want to purchase something, make yourself wait 72 hours and examine whether you need it or want it.
46. See if what you need you can purchase second hand or scavenge for free
47. Wait to do dishes until there is a full load [by hand or machine!]
48. Watch your portion sizes
49. Be your own beauty therapist
50. Ask for the necessities for holiday gifts

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