Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday folly's

Yesterday in my binge of surfing the news sources I came across a video on you tube about how the Dems are lavishing themselves at taxpayer expense. I presume this was put out by some disgruntled Republocrat who doesnt this he is getting his share of the "goodies" and the "perks".. Too f'n bad. weh weh. I constantly read from other people about we should organize and "ask" our elected officals if we can have our country back.. Makes me wanna yetch.. Old george W and the boys didnt go over to England and grovel to the King hoping for mercy and compassion.
They did what we should do/
SAy FU and take a stand. This is my piece of our country. NOt yours. Everything you are doing is against the Constitution and the word of G-d. and we aint gonna abide by it. FU Take back your individual right to sovereignty. Get rid of your dependence on guvt for your existence. Challenge the authority that hold you in chains.
Happy Friday.

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