Thursday, February 4, 2010

Debt-- treat it like the guvt does

Dont ya get sick and frickin tired of listening to arsholes like Dave Ramsey and the like tellin you to pay down debt. debt is like cancer etc.. Bull sheet.. Treat debt like the guvt treats it
Accumulate accumulate accumulate it and then forget it.. GO on..
Keep takin that fiat money (credit) until they dont give ya know more.
Pay the minimum then when that becomes impossible say fork it..
As long as you keep a roof over head, food in gut, and lights on what else matters.. Theres always some stupid ass company willing to front you the credit to buy more of their useless crap.. As long as they approve you its their heads.. Take it and run..
To some this might sound crazy but if it works well for the guvt why shouldnt it work for us..
HAve a good day

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