Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another run in with the census bitch

Apparently my answers to the census person I talked to a few weeks ago did not satisfy thier thirst for more.. About 2 pm yesterday a woman came a knockin on the stead door. While my door has a clear notice that our kids are homeschooled and do not knock before 4 pm weekdays, apparently this stimulus worker cannot read. When my wife looked thru the windo she was notified that this is a census worker and she needed to open the door. Apparently this woman knows nothing about the law. My wife went outside and the woman pulled out this survey that supposedly the law says we have to fill out for the census.. Bullshit.
I gave them the info required by law several weeks ago. She did not believe my wife when she told here that I talked to them in my front yard several weeks ago. TTFB. She threatened my wife saying she will call the sheriff if she doesnt answer.. my wife said go for it.. Right now you are trespassing and cuasing undue stress to the family as well as invasion of privacy issues.. The woman left disgruntled that she didnt intimidate Mrs T.

What is with these f'n welfare employees.. The law says number of people in my house nothing more. Its none of their dam biz . The last time a census was done with this much intrusion is right before they rounded up the Japanese.

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