Monday, April 12, 2010

the Russian Mentality of COmbat and Survival

Russian mentality of combat from organized sports to actual real world combat. This view can be summed up as...

“In the west they teach you to win, you train to win, you attempt to win a fight, a match a battle or a game. It doesn’t matter what you are doing you try to win. Hence when your life is on the line your mind is on winning. So you fight hard, you attack your attacker and you get very aggressive. We were trained to be aggressive as well but in a different way. Our primary focus was survival, in a match survive to the next round, in combat survive the bullets for another day, etc.

With this focus our minds were conditioned to always remain calm in an attack, relaxed as one can be, taking care to defend yourself and look for the opponents weakness. With patience the weakness always shows and by surviving you eventually are given the opportunity to win.”

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