Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doesnt it seem strange?

I just came back from a walk over to the dumpies to do some back door shopping and some front door shopping. While on the walk i have a tendency to talk out loud and think out loud.. The topic this morning has been WTF are there so many people driving cars to go get a cup of Starbucks coffee..
Don't people have coffee at home to make.. $7 for a 2 pound can or $5 for a 1 pound bag or fair trade sure makes alot more pots of coffee than a $2 cup of drip or up to $6 for one of those fancy concoctions. I have drank that fancy coffee and to me the home brew tastes much better. Besides I don't have to get dressed, start the car and warm it up and then drive over there (less than a mile) to wait in line for my cup and then reverse action to come home..
On a Saturday morning I prefer to get up before the sun, make a pot of coffee and enjoy it with my 1st 2 smokes of the day. All before the family rises. Maybe its just me but it seems wierd to expend the energy for coffee.. And then to pay an exorbinant price for the displeasure.

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Bellen said...

I think it's a status thing, like driving 10 miles for a Krispy Kreme donut when they first came out. Just to be able to say you did - usually accompanied by "I don't have enough money to pay my bills this month".

I had a Starbucks coffee once - I almost choked on it when I found out it cost as much as the 12 oz bag of coffee I buy on a BOGO that lasts us for a week - 21 servngs!!