Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toilet paper... necessity or luxury

I saw this letter this morning on another blog I favorite and thought I would pass it on..

Mr. Rawles-
I've seen it repeated everywhere that an item of big importance in survival preps is toilet paper. I do not understand this, myself. While I do use the stuff, I grew up as the son of immigrants from an impoverished nation, and learned a bit about the bathroom customs of the old country. Basically, my progenitors would use a small bucket of water and their hand to wash themselves post-elimination. Frankly, I think it gets the area cleaner than the best 3-ply can. It would put less of a load on a septic tank, if you've got one. It certainly costs less. It's far more gentle on your skin than wiping, and less likely to irritate or exacerbate a hemorrhoidal condition. And you can store a lot of food and ammunition in the space that a 1-year supply would occupy. It's even a more "green" solution to that particular problem, if you're into that sort of thing.

I understand that there may be a bit of a "blech" factor in getting used to this manner of post-BM cleansing. And in areas where water will be difficult to obtain, this may prove less convenient than storing a pallet of hind-end wipes. I think, though, for a great many people, this would be a superior hygienic solution.

Sincerely, - E.B.G


debsdobe said...

NO THANK YOU! I'll just save newspapers....

ThrtnWmsFam said...

Agreed. No Way. We have lots of TP and are keeping old phone books.

Although... the ancient romans used a sponge (or loofa sponge) on the end of a stick so when TP runs out (and it will), we could do that. Gotta grow lots of loofas!

Or make our own paper (I'm working on making a soft paper now).

Yeah, I saw that posting. Vikki

Trashdigger said...

newspaper and old phone books are great excet on your plumbing.. They clog up the pipes.. It aint much fun disassembling sewer pipes..

wet rags and diapers which can be soaked (the tea would be good in the flower beds) and then washed would suffice.