Sunday, October 25, 2009

SHTF wardrobe

MAny people are shocked when they meet Trash. Because Trash wears the "uniform". During the winter a cuppla pairs of thrift store jean (carpenter style) a tshirt, sweatchirt hoodies (freebies) ,thermal jacket (north Face found in a dumpster) and an old truckers Carhardt jacket (yard sale $1)are the mainstays. For the real cold days an Arctic Express coat given to me as a freebie. Gloves and knit caps are usually found in the dumpies or bought at the Walli in the hunting Dept. During the summer and fall the wardrobe is Camo shorts (6 years old originally camo pants but cutoff when both knees wore out free from the dumpster) cutoff and tennies or old sandals.. I prefer barefoot. I also have a cuppla camo ball caps which provide the shade. To me simplicity is king.. Excess is kept to the minimum. I HATE CHANGE.

Always in the pockets are some change, a cheap cell phone, a knife and a woodsman tool. And of course an assortment of lighters . I also keep a cigarette pouch, and a pipe holster (tobacco pipe).

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