Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day treats

bfast- donuts and tomato sandies on wheat, and a grapfruit with coffee
lunch- home-grown spinach sandie, pink lemonade, chips
dinner- homemade chicken and veggie pasta primavera, water

Junior and I went to Wallie for daddy day. Wife said to get yourself something for Gods garden and gave Junior money for old dad. The kids got me a cool new wallet that they can raid and a new tshirt with a quotation from the book of Luke.. Yippee I love it.
With the money for gods garden I acquired an african daisy plant and a butterfly bush for the yard.. Both on clearance at Lowies. Some wonderful additions to Gods Garden.

I spent Saturday morning creating a new experimental wildflower bed in the front yard and populated it with some wilderness area specimens. We shall see how that grows.

Dumpie diving on Saturday brought me some wonderful new baby girl clothes for the new grandybaby and some overripe potatoes and nectarines which became food for the tropical birds and the neighborhood squirrels and birds. The y love the nectar of the cut open nectarines.


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