Sunday, May 3, 2009

weekend in the garden

In order to forget the hell, which is Babylon, and its ever increasing pressure and the causation of my decaying mental health I look forward to spending the early mornings of the weekends tending the soils and planning the strategies I will use for the summer bounty.
Already in the ground are lettuces, cabbages,spinach, carrots, early green beans and beets . IN the starting trays are some corn, both sweet and a new variety of red. With in the next few weeks we will be starting the tomato seedlings, ppeppers, cukes and zuchs as well as working with whatever we find that catches our eye at the local garden shops.

The compost I have been building since fall and thru the winter has rotted nicely and is proving its usefuleness in the soil. The rainwater collection barrels are up to par and the water from those and the current rain is proving beneficial allowing me not having touse the sprinker. I have also begun separating out the daily coffee grounds, allowing them to dry out and have been fertilizing the lawn by spreading the dried grounds over the yard by hand. I am seeing a greener grass because of that.

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