Friday, April 24, 2009

homemade ferilizers

Over the years I have found several items in the compost bin that when used separately can add enormous amounts of nutrients to the yard.. What I call trashcan fertilizers.
Epsom Salt fertilizer is good for houseplants, veggies and roses. Use 1 tablespoon Epsom salt to 1 gallon of water. Mix well in an old cleaned out milk jug. Feed once a month

Coffee grounds - are rich in nitrogen, magnesium and potassium-- all important plant nutrients. Dont overdo as they are acidic. I dry them out ans spread them over the soils and toss thinly into the grass..

Banana peels - high in potassium.. Dig a hole near the plant and place the peels into the hole. Cover it.. natural decomposition will do the work..

Egg shells - made up of mostly calcium carbonate, the main ingredient in agricultural lime.. gather them together in an old coffee can. Let them dry and crush them real good into a powder. Sprinkle them around the garden.

Wood fireplace ash - rich in potassium and calcium carbonate. Sprinkle around the garden. and work into you raised beds.

Fish guts and fish tank water -full of nitrogen and other minerals.. Bury the fish guts into the soil. Deep enough so the neighborhood wildlife doesn't dig them up.. Place the tank water into a watering can and use around the beds.
chicken poop, rabbit poop, and my favorite parrot poop - rich in assorted nutrients. gather from the source, dry it out and work into the soil.. good stuff.

While there are many others thse are the one I use predominantly.. How about y'all.

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